2017 Edgewood HS Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Taped at Edgewood HS on May 30, 3017. This year’s inductees were the late Theodore ‘Ted’ Moyer as a community supporter and Joseph J. Brown as a former staff member. In addition, Alumni Robert G. McCone (1965), Albert H. ‘Cubby’ Bair, Jr. (1975), Karen L. Carey (1978), G. Brian Donley (1981), Keith A. Rawlings (1983), and Christopher Robinson (1985) were inducted. And, the Dang family – Than Leim Thi Dang Campbell (1979), Minh Duc Thi Dang Sheridan (1981), Ngoc Quynh Thi Dang Budzynski-Simon (1983), Minh Chau Van Dang (1985), Bang Tam Thi Dang Miller (1985), Dan Thanh Thi Dang (1990), and Minh Tri Van Dang (1993) joined the Hall of Fame family.

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