Rate Card

Approved by the Harford County Council on 1/10/12. 



The goal of HCN is to make its personnel and equipment available at the lowest possible cost to facilitate its mission of public access to the county’s cable system.

In order to recover costs associated with the production of programming for clients, the following rates are hereby adopted.



Producer or Director:  $35/hr. or any part thereof

Editor:  $35/hr. or any part thereof

Technical Director:  $30/hr. or any part thereof

Audio Engineer:  $30/hr. or any part thereof

Character Generator Operator:  $30/hr. or any part thereof

Camera Operator:  $30/hr. or any part thereof

Production Assistant:  $10/hr. or any part thereof

Announcer/On-Camera Talent:  Negotiated Rate – at cost to client

Writer:  Negotiated Rate – at cost to client

Scenic Craftsman:  Negotiated Rate – at cost to client

Actor/Actress:  Going Rate – at cost to client

If professional talent is required, HCN will recommend approaches to the acquisition and management of talent to fulfill the needs of the client. The client is responsible for all costs and arrangements for such talent, including but not limited to: transportation, wardrobe, make-up, hair styling, meals and entertainment.



DVD – $15.00 per dub (some programs may require more than one DVD) and may be purchased by calling the office at 410-638-3899 or visiting the website at www.harfordcable.org.



Labor rates are subject to increase after 5:30 pm and for any required weekend or holiday production unless otherwise stated by the HCN Producer.



Mileage charges door to door:  IRS Standard Rate

Housing and meals: Actual cost

Travel time is chargeable labor: See labor rates



HCN reserves the right to recover other costs not described herein once they have been identified and discussed with the client.



Once projects are submitted and a commitment is made to complete them, the rates, as indicated above, will apply and the resulting charges will be the responsibility of the client.  Fifty percent (50%) of the cost must be paid in advance with the other fifty percent (50%) due upon completion, before airing.  Special financial considerations can only be made by petition to the HCN Board.

Non-payments will be turned over to the Harford County Treasurer’s Office and subject to any and all collection fees.



HCN may request that the client’s program be distributed in and outside the state of Maryland. The client will have the right to approve the distribution of the program. All costs associated with the distribution will be the responsibility of the client.



The HCN Rules and Regulations for Cablecasting policy addresses the screening and technical standards for airing on HCN.



All projects are managed by a member of the HCN staff, who will serve as your project coordinator.  It will be the coordinator’s job to schedule facilities and move the project from stage to stage until completed.  This person will also track your costs and ultimately, generate your final bill.

All expendable supplies, including sets, will be the client’s responsibility and expense. It is the responsibility of the client to remove all sets promptly from the TV studio each day immediately following the production. Clients may use props already available to them, if so desired, but are responsible for lost/broken props. HCN may make special arrangements for storage, if deemed appropriate.



As indicated in the HCN Rules and Regulations for Cablecasting, the client must secure all copyrights for airing, if applicable. All legal fees, searches, licensing, duplicating, mailing costs and phone charges associated with obtaining copyright permission will be the responsibility of the client. The client MUST show proof of secured copyrights.

The client agrees that it will grant a license under its copyright to HCN to sell copies of all productions that include use of its equipment, personnel and funds (collectively, “Production Costs”) to the public in an effort to recover its Production Costs.



HCN’s studio is available for rent only for productions that will air on the station, at the rate of $300 per day (8 hours maximum, during normal business hours). This includes studio space, house power, lighting grid and one (1) HCN staff member. The additional use of HCN’s studio equipment and control room requires additional staffing, available for the rates listed above. HCN will help determine the staff needed, based on production needs. All costs are the responsibility of the client.



Rental of HCN’s mobile production van is not permitted, per Harford County Code Section 50-3C.


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